EFI Repairs And Service

AGA Automotive specialises in Electronic fuel injection or EFI system maintenance and repairs.

AGA Automotive uses the latest diagnostic equipment to check you your EFI system is working effectively and if necessary recommend the best course of action if EFI repairs are needed.

When should I get my EFI service ?
Manufactures have specific guidelines for EFI servicing which AGA Automotive adheres too. As a general rule we recommend EFI service checks during every service or we recommend you have your electronic fuel injection system checked before your service if you encounter one of the following

If you feel you engine is running or idling irregularly
If you notice you are using too much fuel
If you car back fires
If you feel a drop in or not enough acceleration when you press the accelerator pedal
If your car doesn't start properly AGA Automotive EFI service includes the following:-

Diagnostic checks on:-

Fuel injectors
EFI Fuel Pump
Fuel Pressure Regulator
ECM - Engine Control Module
Various EFI Sensors
Check and replace fuel filter
EFI tuning - (The benefits of having your EFI serviced regularly include smoother and more dependable engine response during quick throttle transitions, easier and more dependable engine starting, better operation at extremely high or low temperatures, increased maintenance intervals, and increased fuel efficiency).

Preventive maintenance tip - EFI system
A common problem which can lead EFI system failure is dirty fuel. We recommend filling up at only reputable providers and changing your fuel filter regularly to avoid tiny particles clogging your fuel injector's.

Also avoid running you vehicle on when your fuel tank low as tiny particles accumulate in the base of your tank over a period of time and can be sucked into your fuel pipes causing fuel blockages and clogged fuel injectors and fuel filter.


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