Aga automotive provides comprehensive range of tyres for all types of vehicle including 4 wheel drive vehicles. Not only do we fit new tyres and retreads we have a range of additional tyre services such as puncture repairs, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and more.

AGA stock a range of 4 wheel drive and car tyres from leading car tyre manufactures including Pirelli, firestone,  Dunlop, Toyo, continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Kumho  and many more.

Car tyres and 4 x4 tyres
Aga automotive provides comprehensive tyre check and replacements services including tyre tread where assessment balancing alignment replacement rotating the work can be carried out during services or if you notice extensive tyre wear in part or whole tyre

When should I replace my tyres ?
The main cause of tire wear is friction from moving contact with road surfaces, causing tread on the tyre to eventually wear away. When tyre tread becomes too shallow, the tyre is worn out and should be replaced. The car wheels which support the tyres can usually be used throughout the lifetime of the car.

Your should also have your tyres checked for replacement if you notice:

1. Uneven or accelerated tyre wear: can be caused by under inflation, overload or bad wheel alignment.

2. Increased wear on a tyre facing the inside or the outside of a car: often a sign of bad wheel alignment.

3. Tread worn away completely: especially when the wear on the outer rubber exposes the reinforcing threads within, the tire is said to be bald and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Sometimes tyres with worn tread are recapped, i. e. a new layer of rubber with grooves is bonded onto the outer perimeter of a worn tire. Since this bonding may occasionally come loose, new tires are considered superior to recapped ones.

Tyre flat spot; this is an uneven tread wear due to skidding under brakes.
Sometimes a pneumatic tire gets a hole or a leak through which the air inside leaks out resulting in a flat tyre, a condition which must be fixed before the car can be driven safely.

Front Tyres, especially on front wheel drive vehicles, have a tendency to wear out more quickly than rear tyres.
Routine maintenance including tire rotation (exchanging the front and rear tires with each other) is often done periodically to facilitate uniform tire wear.

AGA Automotive Tyre Services include;

-Tyre assessment
-Tyre replacement
-Tyre repair
-Wheel alignment
-Wheel Balancing
-Tyre Pressure checks

4 x 4 Tyres and Car Tyres
AGA stock a range of 4 x 4 and car tyres from leading car tyre manufactures such as Pirelli, firestone, Dunlop, Toyo, continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Kumho and many more.

Maintenance tips - Car tyres
There are simple hand-held tyre-pressure gauges which can be temporarily attached to the valve stem to check a tire's interior air pressure. This measurement of tire inflation pressure should be made at least once a month.

The proper inflation pressure is located in the owner's manual and on the Tyre Placard. Because of slow leaks or changes in weather or other conditions tire pressure may occasionally have to be corrected, usually via the valve stem with compressed air which is often available at service stations. 

Under-inflation of tires can also cause premature tyre wear. Many modern vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems; older cars typically equipped with indirect monitoring systems while later cars are typically equipped with direct tire pressure monitoring systems.


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