Lube & Tunes

Lube Service
AGA Automotive lube and tune service is an essential service to ensure your vehicle's systems are in order.

Opposed to a full service the lube service is a simple service that a includes check and report on the major areas of you vehicle such as the engine systems, brake system, transmission system, power steering system, steering and suspension lights, windscreen wipers and tyre pressure.

As well as the systems checks lube services include topping up your fluid levels and replacing filters such as the engine oil filter if necessary.

When should I get a lube service ?
Each vehicle has a manufactures service schedule and it is always best to follow the
manufactures recommend guidelines.

If you don't have a manufactures service book or are in doubt call our team to discuss your specific vehicle service needs and service options.

- If the oil on your engine dipstick is a dark muddy colour

- If you notice any fluid leaks where you park your car

- Every 6 months or 8,000 kms which ever comes first

AGA recommends you should have a lube services every 6 months or 6,000 kms which ever comes first depending on the vehicle.

AGA Automotive lube service includes the following:

- Manufactures hand book servicing
- Drain engine oil and replace the oil filter
- Fluid level check and top up
- Brake bleeding
- Tyre Pressure check and adjust

Systems checks and report abnormalities on the following:
- Engine Systems
- Brake System
- Steering and Suspension systems

Preventative Maintenance tips – lube service
If the oil on you dipstick is a dark muddy colour its usually means the oil will need to be changed.Changing your engine oil and other oils means your engine and other vehicle components will last longer and cost you less in the long term.

Maintaining correct fluid levels in vital component of your vehicle is critical for safe motoring. Remember each system on your vehicle uses a different type of oil for its application for example you cannot use engine oil to run the transmission and visa versa.

AGA Automotive always make sure the correct fluid is used for the relevant system in addition AGA automotive uses manufactures recommended fluids for each system to ensure your vehicle is performing efficiently and effectively.


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