Pink Slips

Pink Slips and Blue slips

RTA Pink Slips or Road worthy Certificate
In New South Wales each year most vehicles more than five years old must pass an annual pink slip inspection. If your vehicle needs an inspection, your Renewal Notice will say so. The purpose of these pink slip inspections are to check the essential safety systems of a vehicle including the brakes, suspension, steering system, tyres and wheels, lighting and indicator systems, mirrors and seat belts, exhaust system and the general condition of the body. This annually inspection is designed to help keep you, you’re family and the general public safe.

AGA automotive provide full road worthy certificate ( more commonly referred to as pink slip inspection ). Our system is set up so that when your pink slip inspection is complete you don’t have to queue up at the RTA to pay for your registration you can simply pay online at the RTA’s website.

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Blue slips
You require a blue slip under the following circumstances
Cancelled or expired registration
You will need to re-register a vehicle if it has been registered in NSW before and the previous registration was not renewed within three months of the expiry date, or you requuest a full year's registration after making a late registration renewal, or the registration has been cancelled.

If you are Registering a repairable write-off
A repairable write-off is a vehicle that has been damaged to the extent that an insurer considers that it is uneconomical to repair. Repairable write-offs can be registered, provided that the vehicle has been satisfactorily repaired. Some repairable write-offs may be eligible for registraton without effecting repairs; for example, those written off for hail damage.


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